We also wanted to source some prizes directly from our super talented members and support them in the process. So, in addition to the great prizes from Wacom, we bought a bunch of Booooooom Members’ products to add to the prize mix! So there’s a lot of cool stuff to win.

OK, how does it work? All you have to do is sign up below and in a week or two we’ll send you your own Booooooom BINGO card. Once the game begins, we’ll start releasing Bingo numbers every week in our Secret Email Club newsletters until all the prizes are claimed. You can print off your sheet and stick it on your fridge, or save it to your phone to mark X’s on the numbers.

There will be prizes for 1-LINE, 2-LINES and 3-LINES. All 4 cards on each person’s sheet are played at once (to win, all lines must be on the same card). Middle square is free. As soon as you have a winning card, snap a photo of it (include the card# at the bottom) and email us. We’ll announce winners each week as prizes are claimed.

So who wants to play some BINGO with us over email?! It’s FREE to play and there are lots of PRIZES!

Full Prize list (see images down below):

3x Wacom One Displays
3x Wacom Intuos S tablets with Bluetooth
3x Booooooom T-Shirts
1x ‘Destroyers’ Limited Edition Poster by Andy Busc
1x ‘Love We Leave Behind’ book by Cody Bratt
1x ‘Weather’ Limited Edition Print by Alex Garant
1x ‘Building in Mexico’ Limited Edition Print by Ilya Milstein
1x ‘Wildflower’ hat by Cooper
1x ‘Tangerine Moment’ Print by Priscilla Yu
1x ‘THIS IS NOWHERE’ Book by Jeremy Koreski


Sign Up


Space is limited. Deadline to sign up is November 22, 2020


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