For those of you who asked when our next Bingo game was going to start, today’s the day! Booooooom Bingo is BACK! We’re extremely excited to announce the third edition of Booooooom Bingo with a terrific new sponsor and a whole bunch of new prizes from some talented artists and photographers!

We’re thrilled to have .ART as our partner for this one! They’ve made it possible for us to commission artist Lydia Ortiz to create some amazing new bingo cards and also allowed us to purchase some items directly from artists to give away to you as prizes! So once again, there’s a lot of cool stuff to win (and it’s entirely FREE to play). Big thank you to them for helping us support the creative community in this way. They are also hooking everyone up with a promo code for 55% off any .ART domain, just use the code “BINGO”!

If you don’t know about .ART, they are the largest domain for the creative community. To date, .ART counts over 150 thousand artists, museums, organisations and creatives from all walks of life globally. It is in the top-25 biggest selling and top-10 fastest growing gTLD among 1226 domain zones on the global ranking, continually improving its position. .ART is a domain zone for everyone since creativity is inside us all—it’s just waiting to be explored. The mission of .ART is to foster a community of like-minded creative individuals and serve as a platform providing them with necessary products and services.

Whether you excel at iPhone photography, design your own t-shirts, or have dived in the world of digital art and NFTs, you’re an artist. Life is an art form, and although we all find our way of expression differently, we are all in it together. Get your .ART domain, use the code “BINGO” for 55% off, and join the creative digital community.

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