“East of Jesus” by Photographer Rhombie Sandoval

Southern California-based photographer Rhombie Sandoval documents the people of Slab City, California in her series, “East of Jesus.” Often described as “the last free place to live in the United States,” the off-grid community is home—both temporary and long-term—to a variety of people. Shooting with a medium format camera for the first time, Sandoval’s slowed process of collaboration helped her arrive at her approach, describing the series as “a collection of moments in which the image itself is secondary to the experience.” Alongside her photographs, she records anecdotes about her experiences along the way.

“When you seek this lifestyle there is often an association of running away, but I feel it is often misunderstood as those I met were running towards their own happiness,” Sandoval explains. “If you only drive through the Slabs you’ll believe whatever you’ve heard about it, the magic exists when you stop to listen.”

See more from “East of Jesus” below!

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