“Like a River” by Photographer Daniel Jack Lyons

A selection of images from “Like a River,” the upcoming photobook by anthropologist and photographer Daniel Jack Lyons. Soon-to-be-released by Loose Joints, the project explores notions of identity, transformation, and coming-of-age for marginalized groups set against a backdrop of deep Amazonian rainforest. 

Lyons’ background in social and medical anthropology initially brought him to the Amazon, where he worked with Casa do Rio, a community-based organization that celebrates and supports the cultural lives of teenagers and young people living in the depths of the Amazon. With “Like a River,” Lyons focuses more specifically on visualizing and empowering trans and queer communities of the region, exploring how deep indigenous traditions and modern identity politics meet in a celebratory, safe space, deep in the lush canopies and vegetation of the rainforest.

The release of the book will coincide with a joint exhibition at Les Rencontres d’Arles from July 4 till August 28, where the project is nominated and exhibited as part of Prix de la Découverte Louis Roederer, and at Loose Joints’ bookshop, Ensemble, from July 1 till September 2. See more from “Like a River” below!

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