JH: Can you talk about some of the technical aspects of your process? How did you make the lamp specifically?

ZH: The lamp is made from a type of ceramic process called slip casting. Soft/Light is made of porcelain, a translucent ceramic body. The shape of the lamp was created from a balled-up quilt I had made the year prior. I balled up the blanket and vacuum formed it (essentially heating up a sheet of plastic and vacuuming it over the blanket to create a mold). From there I took the mold and poured a plaster model (the positive form). I then sanded down the form until it was smooth, leaving some of the ridgelines from the blanket. With that plaster model, I created my slip cast mold and used that mold to pour the lamp form. As for the cup, it is an exact replica of a glass cup. A similar process, except I made a silicone mold from the glass and then poured my plaster model from there.

On the bottom of the lamp, there is a hole for the lightbulb to fit in, surrounding the hole is a small lip with two keyholes. The light bulb and socket are housed in a 3D-printed PLA cylinder with two semi-circle notches. These notches match up to the keyholes, twisting in to fit flat and snug.

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